Fun with Code

I'm doing some more weekend coding. Some people jump out of planes for fun. Others go diving. Apparently the most popular "sport" in the country is fishing. Whilst sitting by a canal in the rain waiting for nothing to happen is not as dangerous as the first two, it still has somewhat limited appeal to me.

I write programs for fun. (it is not the only thing that I do for fun - that would be deeply scary) However, I've been turning out some code today and I've really enjoyed doing it. It is all for a talk which I'm giving in March at the Game Developers Conference. I'm trying to make a video game which starts with you taking a picture of a chum and transforming this into an item in the game itself. The provisional title is "Playing with Friends" but that may change. Anyhoo, with just a few lines of code I've got my picture, and with a few more I've made it into a pretty game sprite. (it runs a bit slowly at the moment - but it is early doors).

Eventually the whole content of this little endeavour will be released to the outside world. I'm sure you can hardly wait....