If it can go wrong...

Did a lecture with the first years today. Progamming II. I swapped with John because his voice is in the process of shutting down with one of the many nasty colds which is going around at the moment.

"No problem" I said breezily. "I'll do that for you, easy peasy". Somebody upstairs must have heard me. The same somebody who then made my tablet PC stick in portriat mode (i.e. on it's side) when I hooked it up to the projector. The same somebody who tampered with the wiring in my brain to make thoughts not work and come out wrong and generally respond badly when other things tipped over. If I had made any rash bets involving clothing (fortunately this time I kept my big mouth shut on that one) I would have left the place stark naked.

Sorry folks, I'll try to be a bit more prepared next time. Although it did all work at the end.

The one bit of brightness on the horizon was how keen that the students are to take place in the Imagine Cup this year. It looks like we will be sending a goodly number of project proposals down to Microsoft in Reading for entry into the UK finals which is great. One or two of them look like real winners too. Fingers crossed and all that.