Three Tin Tea. And an apology

Had a three tin tea tonight. Tinned meat pie, tinned curried baked beans and tinned potatoes. And all opened with the old tin opener. I'm practicing for the new ice age/flood/drought/global warming/nuclear winter thingy which is apparently just around the corner.

And I feel I must apologize to my reader about the low tone of my post yesterday. It has occurred to me that everybody else blows their nose at appropriate times (probably on cute little embroidered handkerchiefs which they then have incinerated so that they always have nice new ones). As opposed to people like me who can never find a tissue when they need to.

Perhaps I have a talent for lowering the tone. We were talking in the tea room about mind control. As one does. Warren said that he had heard "they" (whoever "they" are) now have a machine that they can point at your head and it makes you happy. "That's nothing" I said. "I can make a whole bunch of people happy just by leaving a room". Nobody laughed. Instead they just pointed at the door......

Update: Actually, they did laugh really. But they did point at the door too. Oh well.