Healthy Thinking and Wise Words

I had the makings of a horrible cold yesterday. I could feel the germs taking residence around various bits of my anatomy and digging in for the long haul.

Then today I feel fine. Very strange. I did have strong word yeserday with my body about how I couldn't afford to be ill just right now and so it must repel all borders, but I wasn't sure it would do any good. It seems to have worked though. Perhaps there is something in this mind over matter business after all.

Previously my experience with Mind over Matter has been restricted to an exchange with my father many years ago when I was going on to him at length about some horrible misfortune that I thought I had just suffered. "You see", he said, with the voice of one about to impart great wisdom (which I later learned was a warning sign) "It is all a question of 'Mind over Matter'".

"Why is that?" I asked, distracted from my moaning for a minute

"Well, I don't mind so it doesn't matter" he responded, and then retreated back behind his newspaper.

Thanks dad.