Skating on Thin Ice

For some reason we have ended up watching chunks of "Dancing on Ice", an ITV "light entertainment" progamme where "celebs" (shudder) are teamed up with hapless ice dancing professionals who then try to give them 20 years of experience of the craft into a few days, and then go out onto the cruel, hard, cold surface to be thrown about whilst razor sharp skates whizz past inches from their heads.

Like I said, light entertainment. Tonight David Seaman, a goalkeeper with some 25 years experience in professional football, was throwing his second partner up into the air with not entirely successful results.

This worries me. I'm sure that everyone is very professional and safety is taken pretty seriously. But where will it end? We will have celebs doing even more dangerous things with even less training? How about nuclear reactor dismantling? Or "pro-celeb traffic cone placement"? Or base jumping, where Danny from HearSay is given a parachute and a map of London landmarks and sent off with a film crew to persuade the public to vote for him.

Madness I tell you.