San Jose Sunday

So we set off for a wander round San Jose.
Fancy a weiner?
These are the things you aren't allowed to do on the train. I was kind of hoping that one of them would be take photographs, which would have been a lark. What do you think the thing on the bottom right (which you are allowed to do)is?
I have a weakness for neon signs.
This was inside the mall in the police station thingy. This is a kind of care in the community that I've not come accross before.
The trainstop had this really nice glass roof.
..and here is the train.
This is the San Jose flea market. A completely amazing place. If you are in San Jose and have a need for a cheap chainsaw, or arc welder, or wedding dress, or cowboy hat, or anything, you must go there. I bought a bag. And a watch.
Where we are.
So, are you a Felipe kind of person. Or do you prefer Eli?
On the way to the brewery for dinner.
This is the beer sampler. Don't have the very dark one. We think that they accidentally poured us some furniture polish. The one with the lemon in was nice though. As was the buffalo burger.