Now you see it, now you can't

We went to the Sony PS3 keynote today. The queue was enormous and so we only just got in. Fortunately we managed to find a seat on the balcony next to one of the huge screens:
Unfortunately for us, they were not using the side screens for the actual PS3 video. so all we saw was as above. Apparently they wanted to use High Definition Video, and only the middle screen (set cunningly back on the stage) could do that. So we were left with nothing. Which did not impress. Later in the talk I moved further back so I could see things and the stuff there was very impressive. Launch in November? I'll be there.

Then one of the real highlights for me. Ronald D. Moroe, the brains behind the wonderful new Battlestar Galactica, came and told us how he put the new show together. Very interesting to hear what were effectively design decisions being described about character and plot. I wasn't sure about the video game connection when he started, but as a lot of video games now tell a story it actually made a whole pile of sense to have him give a talk.

Ronald and the original version.

After that I was due to help out on the Windows Mobile stand. So it was on with the Microsoft shirt and away to give help and support to people wanting to know more about writing code for mobile devices. Great fun. I keep meeting ex students and people from way back who see me, do a double take, tell me I taught them to program and then give me a business card with an impressive title on it. Great stuff. Jon insisted that I put this picture of me out there.


The chap on the right is Eric Engineer, Microsoft Product Manager and top bloke.
As a form of revenge, and also so his loved ones can see what they have been missing, I've also added a picture of Jon with a Camel.


More later