Valuable at Cambridge

I'm a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), which is nice. Always good to be considered valuable. Amongst the benefits of this status are invites to MVP Open Days, which are always interesting. Today I've been at one in Cambridge.
..and that's just the local public toilet.

Anyhoo, we set of bright and early, as shown by the clock below, and went down to Microsoft Research where they showed us a whole bunch of good stuff, only some of which I'm allowed to tell you about. There is a lot more to Vista than a pretty interface, oh yes, and mobile development is just going to get more and more interesting.

Town clock?

On the way back to the college we noticed that the bluebells were out.

..and they do have the most impressive garden sheds I've ever seen.

Every now and then you find out that someone you have admired for being very good at one thing is also extremely good at another. Our MVP Lead (the person charged with looking after our valuableness) has always impressed us loads. Turns out that she can also carry a tune, as she proved by donning a blonde wig and belting out a whole bunch of Eurythmics tunes at the meal at the end of the day. I managed to get a photograph of her in action but it is a bit dark because as a serious photographer (ho ho) I eschew such modern frippery as flash :


Good job Lorna, great stuff.