Welcome to the home page for the Destruction Golf Mad Game Development

We presently have 13 teams signed up to take part:

  • Rusty Spoons
  • C4
  • Who Needs To Go Outside
  • The knights who say ni
  • Fresh Pot
  • Curve Of Pursuit
  • TBC
  • Left 4 Dev
  • Simon Grey Song and Dance Troupe
  • Army of One
  • A Bunch of Folks
  • Team Bean
  • The Team with No Name

You will be receiving confirmation emails soon.  We have room for a couple more teams, but not many more. Please contact Rob Miles if you have a team and want to take part, or you are looking for a team to join.

The initial meeting to kick start the project will be at 1:15 pm in the Design Lab (room 312) in the Robert Blackburn Building on Monday 18th October. If you are in a team or want to join one, please turn up then. During the meeting on Monday we will go through the arrangements for the week and the weekend. There will be further presentations on Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd, all in the Design Lab at the same time.

We will be providing food and drink during the "Final Push" session on Saturday and Sunday. The event is being sponsored by the Department of Computer Science, but we ask that you make a small contribution (2 pounds each) towards costs. For this payment you will get a personalised, full colour, luxury ticket.

We have some initial Game Assets available, these include some game scenario information and concept art. We wil be providing some code assets during the week after each presentation. To access the assets you can follow the link above.

The scenario can be summed up in two words "Destruction Golf", with the subtitle "Why shout fore when you can yell FIRE!".  There are some ideas in the scenario files. You are welcome to use these or come up with better ones. The only things that cannot be changed are:

  • Players use golf clubs to hit different kinds of explosive (or other kind of weapon) golf balls onto destructable scenary to clear the tee for their next shot.
  • There should be multi-player and single player versions. Multi-player games can involve bombing each other if you wish. If you want team based games that's OK, but they must adhere to the rules of golf.
  • The game can be 2D or 3D
  • There should be at least three different level scenarios. Some are suggested in the level document, others might include "Tee Totalled" where you destroy a pub, "Water hazard" where you play an undersea level and "Club House" where you destroy a disco.