Going for a drive

After all the excitement of foreign travel and dodgy planes today we just settled for a litle drive to Durham and back to visit number one son.

On the way there we saw some amazing rainbows, including one which went all the way over the motorway. I'd love to have taken some pictures, but I was driving at the time, which is a bit sad.

When we got to Durham it rained. A lot. And then some more. Number one son showed his local knowledge by getting us lost down an alley on the way to the indoor market. With the torrents of rain, poor lighting and overflowing rubbish bins the place looked like the opening shot from a CSI episode. But fortunately there were no bodies to be found.

After a splendid time talking about nothing in particular and looking at large tellies (an AV upgrade is in the pipeline) we tootled back to warm Hull.