Private Agenda

My new-fangled PDA has got Microsoft Voice Command in it. This is a totally wonderful application that lets you use speech to control your life. It is like having a little person inside the device that you can ask to do things like place calls, tell you what is coming next, play you music and so on. It works extremely well, and is pretty unique amongst these things in that it does not require any voice training.

My PDA therefore presently announces all my appointments in a robotic American voice and will also read me the heading of incoming urgent emails, when they arrive.

This is all very useful, but all my appointments are pretty boring. I think I'm going to set a few more interesting ones so that in the middle of an Information Services Committee meeting my device can go "Bing Bong - Secret Weapon Briefing in fifteen minutes" or "Bing Bong - Tony Blair call at four o'clock" or "Bing Bong - Kill them all. Do it now. DO IT NOW!!!"