In Search of Power

I'm going away tomorrow for TechED 2005. Cue frantic scurrying around and selection of bits and bobs to take with me. Today I bought some new re-chargeable batteries. I did this for two reasons:

  1. I can spend money on a gadgety type thing and still feel good about saving the planet (which is apparently quite trendy at the moment).
  2. Most re-chargeable batteries I get don't work properly.

I find that the name is very appropriate. You can re-charge them. However, this does not guarantee that they will actually do anything once the light on the charger goes green.

The only ones which really deliver the goods are the lithium-ion ones. All the other ones with scary sounding names, nickel-cadnium and nickel-metal hydride, absorb significant amounts of energy, get warm, and then go flat as soon as you try to get anything useful out of them.

 The only good news on the horizon is that the latest batteries have really impressive amp/hour numbers written on their sides and they seem to be getting cheaper. So I've got some.

But I'm taking some non-rechargeables just in case.