Mini-buses and temporal anomalies

Today is the day we all pile into the mini-bus that I've arranged and then rumble down the motorway to the Microsoft XNA Launch event at Warwick. I'm going to give a talk, the students are going to learn things and get free stuff.

Last night I discovered that my powers of organisation had temporarily failed me, and that I booked the bus for the wrong day, but fortunately the nice man at the hire company took that in his stride and so that 17:00 we hurtled out of the university into the darkness.

The nice lady in my Gizmondo directed us straight to our luxurious Travelodge for the night. The journey was mostly painless, although the traffic was quite busy on the motorway. I have a new respect for Ford Transit vans now, this one had a seriously powerful engine and was quite happy to reach 80, even with 14 souls on board. Didn't try a handbrake turn though, not sure that everyone would have appreciated that.