Some things are guaranteed to put me into a mild sweat. Finding we have no milk in the house, filling in my Tax Return. And changing my computer operating system.

Today I've done all three. The milkman seems to have vanished. We gave him a bottle of wine for christmas, told him we didn't want any milk for a few days and we've not seen him since. I have this awful vision of an upturned milk float half submerged in a ditch with a white clad body spreadeagled alongside, a half empty wine bottle still clutched in its dead hand. Or he might just have forgotten us. Anyhoo, I was nearly condemned to black tea until number one daughter mentioned that there were shops in the village which also sell milk. Phew.

Then I had to do my tax return, seeing as it is due tomorrow. I don't earn much money (most things I do for love - obviously) but I did get paid for some stuff I wrote some time back, so I have to declare it and pay the man. So there was a quick scrabble for forms, typing of numbers and pressing of submit buttons.

Then we came to my new operating system. I'm going to move to Vista. Part of me wants to, the other part has a great affinity for the status quo. However, some software I want to use only works with Vista, so I'm kind of forced into this. I'm not actually moving completely just yet. I thought I'd install the system on another computer first so that I have an escape clause. So far things have gone quite well. I've got Vista running on my old Toshiba M200 and it seems to work OK so far.