Building a better ToDo

I seem to have lots of things to do since I got back from MEDC.  For me personally, the standard method for dealing with things to do is to make a todo list.  The snag is that the list is getting rather long. It has occurred to me that it might be quicker to make a "not to do" list and then just do everything else. This is going rather well.

Rob Miles Not To Do List

  • Appear on Big Brother
  • Write another Visual Basic Program (unless the money is really good)
  • Get a personalised number plate on my BMW
  • Get a BMW
  • Start buying water in bottles
  • Start buying wine costing more than a fiver a bottle. No, make that four quid.
  • Sign up for Sky Sports
  • Watch Big Brother

And I can be absolutely sure that none of these is going to get done. Probably a bit like some of the things that are on my ToDo list.....