Dalby Noise Reduction


Went to the Dalby Forest today. The weather forecast was pretty horrible, it is a Bank Holiday and so we knew we were taking a gamble. But it paid off. Weather was great and it was very quiet when we arrived. We had a walk around the Bridestones. These are lumps of stone which for some reason or other haven't eroded like the rest of the valley. So they stick up out of the ground in a rather impressive way.


By midday we confidently expected to be underneath a lot of rain, but as it turned out we weren't.  We even had a chance to walk around Staindale Lake.


There are more pictures on Flickr.

On the way round the walk we bumped into a few people who had also ignored the weather forecast and sallied forth. They always seemed to be chatting about something. We discussed things you culd say to be overheard by someone as they pass you on a country walk:

  • "...we buried it quite a long way from the footpath. I don't think anyone will find it in a hurry...."
  • "...apparently the plan is to put runway one just over that hill....."
  • "...and they say that even today he wanders the moors looking for victims..."