Getting Started at MEDC 2006

Today I got my conference bag. One of my rituals is to empty it out and see what swag I've got.


Not bad. Of course only a really sad person would post a picture of their entry badge as well...


Now promise that you won't copy it and take over my identity.


In 'Vegas even the lifts have chandeliers in them.


I'm not sure if they had one of these in Venice. But they have one here.


At the end of this beautiful corridor there are some slot machines. A lot of slot machines.


A view of my hotel from the walkway.


The only way to get in or out this hotel is via the moving stairway. Apparently this broke down last month and twenty people were trapped on it for two days. (I have used this gag before, but I still like it).


I got this lovely sumo kit. You get to make a .NET Embedded controlled robot, which you can program in C#. Wonderful. On Wed. we get to make them fight each other. But first I have to build it.


I'm doing session 2. Scary eh? More tomorrow.