Unlimited Internet on the move. At last

When I first got a mobile phone that would work on the internet at first I was very impressed. Then I was annoyed. The problem was not that the phone didn't work very well, it was the cost. Getting hold of a few emails would not be cheap, and as for web pages and downloads,  they were out of the question.

And so it has remained over the years. Until now. T-Mobile, one of the phone operators in the UK, has just launched a new service which is just what I want. For an extra 7.50per month on top of a mobile contract I can now have unlimited network access. I can get my email, surf the web and talk to web services as much as I like.  So I can cancel my old contract, switch networks, have unlimited internet and pay around the same each month. Wonderful.

Better yet, when you sign up you can get a new phone (always nice).  For an extra ten pounds I managed to get hold of a thing called a Vario. It is a Windows Mobile 5.0 device made by Imate so I can use the lovely email synchronisation, write C# graphics games and, because it has a little slide out keyboard, actually do useful things with my network connection.

This is a simply wonderful deal on a lovely phone. You really should check it out if you are in a position to move your contract. Unlimited network access on the move is really liberating and will lead to me finding los of new ways to use the internet and my phone.  Great stuff.