Spider Bite Confusion

I was reading the paper over breakfast this morning and there was a rather amusing article about all the horrible things that there are around the world which can make bad things happen to unwary travelers. Just the thing to read when you are safely back home from  a trip away.

In amongst descriptions of various ticks, snakes and jellyfish was an item about the Australian Black Funnel Web Spider. This is a truly nasty piece of work which has no fear of humans (but then why should it) and really poisonous venom. If you get bitten by this baby you can look forward to turning blue, foaming at the mouth, your hair standing on end and, mysteriously, depression.

I'm a bit unsure as to why they added depression to the list. It implies that of all the bad things on the page that could happen to you, a bite from the spider is the only one that would make you unhappy. Or that there are are spiders which make you happy when they bite you.

I'm confused.