Ever held one of those parties where folks turn up uninvited, drink all your booze, trash the place and then stay around for months afterwards 'cos they figure you want them around?

Well, I haven't, but they sound terrible.

I had something similar though when I installed my new camera software. Normally I avoid installing programs that come with things like cameras. I've got my own image processing software (Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite since you asked) and it works fine thank you very much. Normally a camera is recognised by Windows as a storage device, and I've found that things go pretty smoothly even if you ignore the draconian "Install software before placing camera within a 1000 metre radius of the USB socket on your computer" warnings that they come with.

However, the new camera that I've bought has a RAW mode, where it captures the image information directly off the sensor and passes it to the computer for processing. This is great if you want the ultimate in quality, but it means that you need software to unpick the picture when it arrives. This is usually tied to a particular camera range. So I figure I have to install the software.

Which does the digital equivalent of drinking all my booze, trashing the place and then refusing to leave. It installs yet another icon in my full to bursting system tray. It gets in the way of any other cameras that I might dare to plug in. And when I remove the darned thing, it stops the system automatically recognising other USB devices.

Pesky driver software.

I've heard that Windows Vista is a lot less accommodating to newly arrived drivers from hell. I hope so.