Cheap Games

I thought it might be worth putting down some hints on cheap places to get XBOX 360 games. If you don't want the hassle of mail order you might find these useful.

I've found that specialist places like Game tend to sell at full price. The cheapest place to buy XBOX 360 games on the high street is actually a music store; Music Zone (which has shops in most cities in the UK) quite often has titles at 10 pounds less than the "usual" price, i.e. 39 quid rather than 49. If you don't have a Music Zone shop in your town, the next good place to look is WH Smiths. They quite often have games at around five pounds cheaper than other sellers. If you use Smiths, make sure you have a points card, as these can save you even more cash.

I was thinking about the price of games. 49 quid does seem rather steep, but I remember paying 48 for the very first version of Destruction Derby for the Playstation 1 (quite a good game in it's time)around ten years ago, and money seemed to go a lot further then....