Warioware Smooth Moves for the Wii

I didn't mean to buy it. I'm supposed to be on iron rations and saving up my pennies for a Playstation 3 (which is going to take a lot of saving). But number one son told me to buy it "The best Wii game you can get at the moment" was how he described it.

So I weakened.

And do you know (and most annoyingly) I think he is right. I mean, it is bonkers. But I like bonkers. It is cute. But I can handle cute (within limits). I've loved the Warioware games ever since they first appeared on the Gameboy years ago. This one takes the idea (mad mini-games that take seconds to play which are thrown at you in rapid succession) and adds the new Wii controller, which is used in a variety of configurations including "The Samurai", "The Chauffeur" and one where you stick it on the end of your nose. Oh yes.

If you have a Wii you owe it to yourself (and the rest of your family) to get this disk of insanity. Last night I watched the pantomime, a show which managed to keep three generations amused at the same time. This game is one of the few that I've seen (and most of the others are on the Wii as well) which I reckon will do the same thing. Fantastic.