EA Good Sports

If you are a student at our university you might be interested in a little event that we have been invited to. Hull University has been recognized by Electronic Arts as one of their key partners, which is rather nice (well, they did hire a whole bunch of our students last year).

Anyhoo, they have very kindly invited our students to a "do" at the Science Museum in London. It is based at the Game On exhibition, which traces the history of video gaming by means of a whole bunch of old consoles and arcade machines.

Which you can play on.....

I was going to make a trip down there myself later this year, but the chance to attend for free, and with a talk from Bing Gordon, EA's Chief Creative Officer, is just too good to miss.

Hull students can apply here.  Note that unfortunately, because they have an exam on the day of the trip, first year students will not be able to attend, but any others can. Places are limited people, so get your names down as quickly as possible.