Five Things to Know About Me

I've never been "tagged" before. But all that has changed. Alfred from Microsoft has tagged me. The idea is that I have to write five things about myself that you probably don't know. And then tag other bloggers to get them to do the same. A bit like a chain letter. Without the chain. Or the letter. So, here goes:

  1. I once had a whole page of poetry published in "The Indepedent", a UK national daily newspaper. It was illustrated by Heath, a famous cartoonist. It was in 1987 and was fallout from my first ever lecture in rhyme. I have a copy of the paper in my office, one of my most treasured possessions. It is getting a bit yellow now, I must scan it sometime.
  2. I used to present on Hospital Radio. My show was called "Better by Miles" as I remember. After the wonderfullness of the title it was all downhill from there.... I made my own jingle machine using eight track tapes and still have some recordings in the loft. And they are staying there.
  3. I wrote the software which puts datestamps on bottles of Budweiser beer (I'm very proud of this). It controls a special disk drive which puts metal masks in the way of a very powerful laser which blasts ink off bottle labels as they fly past. I do Asahi Beer as well, in addition to Cadburys Roses, Wheetabix and a bunch of other stuff.
  4. I teach Sunday School. I've been going to our local methodist church religiously every week for years. I'm not particularly evangelical, it is just that for me a universe with a god in it makes more sense than one without.
  5. I own a pinball machine. Oh yes. It is a Twilight Zone from 1993, one of the best machines ever made and great fun to carry up flights of stairs.

And now I have to pass the tag on to other people. I'm going to tag Jay Wakefield, Matt Jones, Carrie Francis, Geoff MacDonald and David Grey.