How to succeed at Lan Parties

  1. Turn up late.
  2. Bring your own game.
  3. Play your game until it looks like you might lose.
  4. Leave.

It worked for me. Hull ComSoc had a lan party today. They had Halo 3, Quake, Wii Tennis, Guitar Hero, in fact all kinds of games. I took along my copy of Virtua Tennis for the PS/3 and played a few games, which was nice. I kept carefully away from all the games I was less good at (i.e. everything else) and managed to make sure I didn't lose. Wonderful. And you don't have "friendly fire" in tennis. I did take the camera though, and grabbed some snaps.

Halo 3 multiplayer semi final. Tight stuff.

A tense moment in the final

Mission Control