Resolving the Eternal Struggle

Some questions may never be asked. Others might be asked, but probably shouldn't be. But that doesn't stop us asking anyway. Questions like:

Which is mightier, the Bread or the Carrot?

In an attempt to answer this, XNA, in association with, will soon give you the chance to take to the table cloth of destiny and find your own answer by scoring cheese goals of fate between the tomatoes of goalpostness.

Maybe the carrot isn't so hot after all.....

This is a simple mod to one of the games in the XNA book that I'm working on at the moment. It took me one "Division Bell" by Pink Floyd to complete. I started writing the code at "Cluster One" and I'm just listening to the end of "High Hopes" at the moment. It's a great album by the way.

The full version will be coming to soon, with full on eight player action using four controllers.