Cheap Fun and Games for PS3

If you are a PS3 owner who is short of money (perhaps a bit of an oxymoron - although actually buying one can leave you a bit strapped for cash) then you should seek out this months official Playstation magazine. It has a Blu-Ray disk on the cover with a whole bunch of playable demos on it. I know that most of these are available for download, but I'm the the kind of impatient fellow that doesn't want to wait overnight for 800M of data to trickle down the broadband just so I can try out Sega Rally.

Turns out that Sega Rally is actually quite good. Nowhere near the simulation quality or graphics of the wonderful Colin McRae: Dirt game but it does have one thing that Dirt lacks, other cars on the road with you. Fighting against the clock is one thing, but ramming an opponent's car into a tree is another. Even though they instantly put on a burst of speed and zoom past you at the next corner. I think I'd ultimately find the lack of realism or feeling of control a pain, but for a quick half hour of powersliding for virtually nothing it is worth a whiz.

I then had a go at Stuntman: Ignition which struck me in the limited time (five minutes) that I had the patience to play with it to be deeply unpleasant. Maybe I'll go back and have another go. Maybe I'll be tempted to try one of the other twenty or so games on the disk instead.

One of the benefits of Blu-Ray is that it can hold a whole bunch of data. It is nice to see this ability being used to good effect.