Playing Unknown Songs

Number one son brought home a copy of Guitar Hero 3. This is the new fangled one with the wireless guitar, which is very nice. It also has a very wide range of different songs supplied with it. Hardly any of which I've actually heard of, which is a bit of a problem really.

The first Guitar Hero was packed with tunes that I knew. They were not the original versions, the weasel words " made famous by.." appeared next to most of the artist names, but that didn't matter to me. At least they were covers of stuff that was familiar.

The new version seems to have gone the other way. Rather than copies of very well known material they now use original versions of stuff that nobody knows. So I end up trying to pick may way through a tune that I've never heard before, and don't particularly want to hear now. They've also fiddled with the two player mode and added stupid battle modes where you can snap your opponents strings and overload their amplifier, which all seems really silly to me. Add to that some daft duelling parts in career mode and I think we are talking about video game franchise that is in the process of jumping the shark.