Got a spare quid? Near a newsagent? Nip in and buy a copy of "Windows Vista - The Official Magazine". It is only 99p, so you'll even get change. Then open the magazine to page 86. And there I am. Some time back I got a request for some "picture tips" for the magazine. And a photo of me looking suitably heroic. And they've printed my mugshot and one of the tips. Wowzer. Fame at last. They've even put my blog URL on the page. (if you have read the magazine and followed the link here, well done and feel free to stick around - take a look at Trip Hazard next - new episode coming soon)

I've been using Vista for a while and really rather like it. Every now and then I find something new and wonderful that it does (like the search feature in explorer. I've just found 2194 files of mine that contain the word cheese. Took six seconds to do the search- fantastic).

Since I'm now supposed to be a Vista expert I'll post the odd Vista tip as I find it.