Cheap TV

If you have a laptop and a TV licence I can recommend this.  I just plugged one into a USB port on my Vista running tablet, gave it a pat on the head and told it to go off and find its drivers on the network and it just worked. I didn't bother putting the supplied CD-ROM in the machine, although it might be useful if you have not got a Media Centre PC or Vista with Media Centre, as it contains the TV viewing, recording and transcoding software.

The supplied aerial is a bit of a non starter in Hull, which is not very well served for digital TV, but plugging the device into the home aerial worked a treat, finding all the major channels.

They say that it will even pick up high definition broadcasts, but you have to be living in London to make use of that service. Anyhoo, for the price it is extremely good value. If you spend a few more quid you can get one with a remote control.