Burn In

I've just abut got my magic message system to working on the big plasma.  It displays the time on the screen in a nicely muted shade of grey. I'd heard that plasma screens have problems with burn in, and I thought I had been careful to avoid that. So when we turned the display off to plug in our new PS/3 I was mortified to see the time etched on the screen......

Fortunately, when our shiny new PlayStation 3 was fired up, nobody could see the damage, which cheered me up a bit. We were playing Ridge Racer, which looked OK but no better than versions on other platforms (even the PSP version compared well...)


Now, we were using the composite output to drive the display. And Ridge Racer is not one of the better launch titles. But I have to say that the experience did very little for me and the rest of the bunch around the machine.

When we had the Wii running we would usually find a bunch of laughing people waiting to have a go. With the PS/3 nobody seemed that impressed, even when they found out what was running the show. I'm told that it can do great things, and I'm looking forward to seeing it run on a decent connection with a better game.

Actually the best part of it was when I turned the PS/3 off. And found that my burned in time display had been replaced by the Ridge Racer speedo......