Imagine That Again

I'm pretty much exhausted. But I have a 9:15 lecture and so I drag myself into work to impart wisdom to the masses (or at least the first year). After that I had a whole bunch of things to do, but I got pretty much none of them done.

I kept being hassled by Imagine Cup finalists. Last year Hull managed the impressive feat of getting four of our Imagine Cup teams into the 10 selected for the UK final. In case you might think that this was a flash in the pan, we managed to do it again this year. We have got some really terrific teams and I've been giving help on their entries for a while now.

With the posters required for the next phase needing to be sorted by the middle of next week there were a lot of people with loads of questions. I think I've managed to sort things out, in that people know the general thrust of what they are going to present and say.

I'm going to take a look at some of the posters on Wednesday. Should be interesting. We are going to get a "battle bus" booked as we did last time, and hopefully take Reading by storm again. Last year all the top three winning teams were from Hull, I don't think that we'll manage to equal that feat, but I'd love to see one team in the top three at the final. And I reckon that we have got a pretty good chance too. Stay tuned for pictures and news as it happens.