Bloody Hell, it's 300!

It seemed a good idea at the time. Jon had never seen the Imax screen, there was a new film out which had received less than damming reviews and so off we went to see "300", a simple tale of simple people killing simply everything.

Just about everyone in the film is a bit dim. From the Spartan king who thinks that just because all his recruits had a rough childhood they can take on the might of the Persian army to the traitor who thinks that it is a plan to carry around his ill gotten gains in his pockets, complete with nicely minted head of chief baddy on every coin.

The violence is very well realised, so if detailed decapacitations are your thing you are in for a great time. Unfortunately they aren't mine, especially when projected on a screen the size of a house side. Jon said, at the end, "I don't think the Imax added much". He was right. What it gave you in this case was a much better and bigger rendition of something that you really didn't want to see in the first place.

If you are into comic books, computer games with slow motion fight scenes, comedy beards and utter tosh you will like the film. If you want plot, character and scenery other than very large piles of dead bodies then I suggest you give it a miss. However big the picture.