Back on the 'phone...

I'm moved to wonder if people really care that I'm now using a Smartphone instead of a Pocket PC. Then again, I do see myself as a beacon of light, shining upon the path to gadget heaven and true enlightenment.

And anyway, it's my blog, so there.

Anyhoo, I've given up on the Pocket PC as a phone. I've gone back to my good old Imate SP5 Smartphone. This gives me pretty much everything that I had on the old machine, including the wonderful push email support via Exchange. What the Smartphone doesn't give me, and the reason I've gone back, is a need to use two hands, and frequently a stylus, to do something tricky like, say, phone someone from the address book or find out who called me last. It also makes a much smaller lump in my pocket. I've tried to love Pocket PC phones many times, from the Jasjar daddy of them all down to the neat little Vario that I used to use. But I always end up back on the Smartphone trail.

I've really no idea precisely why, but I think that it has to do with my austere upbringing, where putting fingermarks on things like glass tables and the TV screen was severely dealt with. I think this has left me with an aversion to touch displays that makes using a Pocket PC too hard for me.

I was worried that the constantly connected GPRS connection that Exchange needs might sap the battery of my little phone, but so far it is holding up very well.