Posh Tipping

Is it just this area, or is the local council tip now the "place to be seen". Last time I went down there I was relieved that I had a slightly newer car, as previously I'd felt a bit out of place in Ye Olde Scenic, surrounded as I was by shiny 4x4s and Mercedes. I had to go again today, and it was just the same, maybe worse. One pair even rolled up in a brand new BMW open top sports car. And the girl sweeping up the leaves was wearing bright green eyeshadow. Very strange.

I kept waiting for the music to start up, at which point everyone would rip off their overalls to reveal spangled costumes and then go into some appalling song and dance routine like that garage bit in "Grease". Fortunately this didn't happen. (or perhaps it did just minutes after I left)

There are two theories that I can advance that fit my observations:

  1. People now enjoy themselves on bank holidays by making up a big bag of rubbish, getting in their bestest car and then heading down to the dumps.
  2. There is a lot more money in gardening than I had previously suspected.