Pop Goes the Fuse

Got home today to find that half of the kitchen was without power. Since this was the half which contains the cooker it was into the bin with the chicken we were roasting and out to the takeaway for something in a cardboard box.

Turns out that a couple of fuses in mains plugs had blown for no reason. I found this out after I had shut down all the mains sockets in the house and power-cycled all the devices looking for failed power lines. Why this has happened is a mystery to me. Nothing else in the house has been affected, just the oven and the microwave.

It is a bit like one of those horror films, where they have lines like:

"Must be a power surge. I'll just go down into the basement/bilges/engineering and fix it". Cue ominous music followed by moving shadow followed by blood curdling screams.....