SPOT that Watch

I quite like watches. Not expensive ones, just different ones. I've had a hankering for a Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) watch for a while. If you live in the 'states these are actually very useful. You can get news, appointments and even messages beamed onto your watch.

Unfortunately the service has yet to roll out in Europe. But I still want one of the watches. I mentioned this to Colin Miller of Microsoft (he's the chap that wrote the forward to our book) and he was good enough to say "OK, Ill send you one then", which was very nice.

It arrived on Monday and I love it. It actually runs the .NET Micro Framework. All I can do with it is tell the time, but that is good enough for me, and some of the watch faces are rather cute.

Spot watch on spotty wrist

This face is rather clever. A tree grows up the middle of the watch face every hour. If only there was a kind of XNA for watch faces, then we could design our own.....