Dental Imagination

Went for a check up at the dentist this afternoon. It was slightly enlivened by the fact that I needed to have a couple of X-Rays. And one of them didn't work. So they had to ask me in to take another. The good news is that the second one turned out fine. The bad news is that I have an overactive imagination:

Dental Nurse: "So there's no doubt at all then?"
Dentist: "I'm afraid not. The second X-Ray was quite conclusive."
Dental Nurse: (shudder)"So, how long before it breaks out of his tooth and eats his brain?"
Dentist:"A month, maybe two if he's lucky."
Dental Nurse: (looking over at me in the waiting room, where I'm trying to look relaxed whilst reading a two year old copy of "Top Gear" magazine) "But he seems so young...."
Dentist:"It's better he doesn't know..."