Hornsea Sunday

Today was a nice day. And we had a birthday to celebrate. So it was off to Hornsea Mere for a baked potato. And cheese.

It was very windy. But there were a few brave folk out in yachts

Then we went onto the front for donuts (forget your Crispy Cremes, these are the real deal - and six for a pound). And of course amusements....

Winning big at penny falls (you can actually see the pennies falling)

One of my ambitions, which looks like it might end up being thwarted by big city developers, is to visit Coney Island in New York. Hornsea is a bit like this I think with some amazing attractions. Including the "New Super Palmist".

The machine went up and down my hand and then printed out a very accurate assessment of my character....

I think that pretty much sums me up.

If you live in Hull you really should go to Hornsea.