WebGuide Goes Global

Some time ago I mentioned WebGuide. This is a wonderful tool for Windows Media Centre that lets you share your media all round the house, and indeed the world.

It seems that somebody in Redmond reads my blog (Hi, Bill!) because Microsoft have recently hired Doug Berret, the man who wrote the program, and will be making it part of future versions of Media Centre. This is great news, except for the fact that I bought mine (for the princely sum of ten pounds).

Then again, I did earn some money writing about it for Windows Vista magazine, so I guess we are about square on this.

My media PC is well past half way to paying for itself at the moment. Earlier this year we realised that the only bit of Sky+ that we actually used was the "record all EastEnders episodes" facility for number one wife. So we dumped it and got a Media Center PC which does the same thing and also lets me make DVDs of Shaun the Sheep, at a saving of 36 pounds a month.