First Year Welcome Party

Qn: "What is the combined age of the "Chuckle Brothers"?

Ans: - you'd know if you'd been at our First Year party...

We had a quiz, and Guitar Hero, and a PS3, and Wii Tennis, and 8 player Halo 3, and free drinks and food, and, and, and.....

And it was good.

Many thanks to Warren for bankrolling the operation and Adam, Simon, Dan, Zoe, Sam, Helen, Joan and Amanda for helping make things go with a swing (and apologies if I've missed anyone out). I took a camera (some of our students have got some amazing cameras - we must sort out a Flickr group for pictures) and took some happy snaps.

Full Swing

What half the room does when you shout "smile"

What the other half does..

These folks came first in the Quiz

These came second

And these won the, er, "special" prize

Big riffs. Sam found this amazing disco sound system that we ran Guitar Hero through. And dig those groovy lights on the pillars...

On the left we have Wii Tenis and PS3 Motorstorm, in the middle we have Guitar Hero and on the right, for your pleasure, we have 8 player Halo 3.

It was a great night. Hopefully more (and perhaps less grainy) pictures will surface. I'll put them on Flickr if they do..