The Long Kill - with pictures

One of the things that you get to do on holiday is read. But only if you've taken some books with you on holiday. Fortunately our cottage, as well as being wonderfully positioned and sparkly clean throughout, came with a few that had been left there over the years. One of them was a Readers Digest collection of condensed stories. This is where they take a six hundred page volume and boil it down to a couple of hundred pages. Oh, and they add pictures too...

A tale of daring do, and centre partings

"..and  if I were you young man, I'd clean the other nostril too..."

He watched them together, all the time waiting for the trick chair to fold itself up again....

"I wonder if this rock will leave a mark on my trousers"  he thought to himself while his girlfriend wondered why she seemed to have somebody else's legs.