Wonderful Monday and Preparing for PDC 2008

There is quite simply no better way to start a working week than by delivering a 9:15 lecture on Visual Basic. Follow this up with a 1:15 lecture on C# and a 5:15 session on UML design (with a few gripping meetings and a tutorial in between) and you can probably understand why I've been hitting the Strawberry Milkshake (no - really) rather hard tonight.

The good news is that I'm presently preparing for a trip to PDC 2008 in LA. I told the second year that I would be going away and the response was "Wot, again..". The way I see it, if I further my knowledge about technology and gadgets and stuff this will all feed into my teaching and make my lectures even more better than they already are. Oh yes.

I actually feel terrible about leaving all my students in the lurch like this. Rest assured that all lectures have been re-allocated so no study time is to be lost. And I will be checking forum posts and responding to email. (probably faster than ever since I will have nothing else to do when I'm wide awake at 2:00 am) Also bear in mind that the trip will involve me cramming into an economy aircraft seat with my knees above my ears for around 12 hours on the trip out and back.

I'm deep into preparation for the trip. I've activated my emergency credit card and I'm presently packing gadgets, power supplies, cables, cameras and memory cards. Oh, and perhaps a few clothes. I'll be blogging and posting pictures of my misadventures and I'll keep you posted on any interesting new developments. The way I see it, you have a lecturer who doesn't just go the extra mile. He goes 5,500....