Goodbye Graham

Today we said goodbye to Graham Brookes, one of our professors who has been in Hull for a very long time and given great service to the university, as head of the Computer Science Department and also as Dean of Faculty.

Thinking of the next line...

I first met Graham many years ago, when as a young, fresh faced, programmer in the Computer Centre I was asked to show him around the department on his first visit to Hull. Unbeknownst to me the building had undergone some changes and things had moved around a bit since I graduated and so when I proudly opened the door to "Our main computing resource" we were all greeted with the sight of a mop and a couple of buckets in what was now the cleaner's cupboard. Ever since then I have been trying, perhaps vainly, to convince Graham that I am not in fact an idiot.

The good news is that in spite of this display of stupidity at Hull he managed to overcome any reservations that he might have had, and come to work with us anyway. Today, at a nice ceremony in Staff House we said our formal goodbyes and Graham gave a little speech peppered with dry wit and common sense, as is his style.

I'm sure he is going to keep involvement with the business at some level, Graham is active in the British Computer Society and I don't expect him to stop wanting to achieve things. He took the Computer Science Department at Hull and put it firmly on the track it is following today, and for that we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.