Windows 7 Looks Lovely

I vividly remember writing blog posts about how much I liked the look of Windows Vista. I also vividly remember the torrid times I've had with hardware that didn't work and computer manufacturers who had plain lied when they labelled their machines "Vista Capable". More like Vista Culpable I reckon.

So, I will ask you, dear reader, to bear all this in mind while I wax lyrical about Windows 7....

It does look nice though. It seems to reflect a "back to basics" approach where Microsoft have taken the things that are important to the user (it works and goes fast) and put them right back at the forefront of the development. And the new bits that they have added seem to be genuinely useful as opposed to pretty.


Steven Sinofsky and friend showing off Windows 7

Some things that have irritated me for ages seem to have been fixed, and the new bits look really nice.

Today we got a pre-beta of the operating system as part of "The Goods" package that they give out (which also includes a spiffy hard disk with lots of stuff on it) and, having chatted with a Microsoft chap at one of the Hands On Labs, I reckon I'm just going to put it on all of my machines and see what happens. I don't think I'll be disappointed.