Jet Travel Sock Conundrums

One of the daftest things I ever did was to get a set of socks with days of the week on them. I have now of course become fixated with wearing the correct socks on each day, lest some horrible sock-date-related misfortune becomes me as a result.

Today I'm flying back to the UK, losing a few hours of my life in an aluminium tube and crossing a dateline. In short, I take off on Friday and land on Saturday. I have two pairs of socks, one pair marked Friday and the other Saturday. This leaves me several options:

  1. Wear the wrong day and suffer whatever vicissitudes that fate decides to deal out as a consequence.
  2. Wear one sock marked Friday and the other Saturday. This should mitigate the effects of fate somewhat. It would of course leave me with another pair of odd socks that I could never wear again.
  3. Change my socks at midnight on the plane, which could lead to some consternation amongst my fellow passengers.
  4. Wear no socks at all.
  5. Stop worrying and get a life.

Hmmm. Tricky.