Au-Revoir Windows 7

Or should that be "à bientôt"? I've replaced my test version of Windows 7 with my original Vista installation. I've not had any specific problems with Windows 7, in fact the whole experience has been really good. It is just that there are a few things I want to do which don't work too well on Windows 7. I can't get the Cloud development environment to work for some reason, and I'd like to have back the buttons on my MacBook.

I'm leaving 7 on the tiny tablet though, the performance hike is something that I really appreciate on that device.  If you have a machine that chugs a bit under Vista then you should think seriously about moving onto Windows 7.

I used the restore option to put back the Vista image I made a while back before I went out to PDC. I always image my machine before I take it out and about, and so all I had to do was drop back the documents directory and I'm back up to date. Oh, that and install a whole bunch of updates....

The restore option worked really well. I just left the machine for an hour or so and when it rebooted I was back in the past.