EeePC + XP Looks Good

I still like my eeePC. It works very well and I'm using it for presentations at work. The small size and great battery life really hits the spot. It really is the most useful computer you can get for the price.

The only really irritations have been the behaviour of the Open Office applications, so that my slide decks don't always come up correctly, and the fact that I'm having to track down Linux versions of programs that I've been using on my PC under Windows for donkey's years.

Today Jon in our first year (I think it was Jon) showed me his eeePC. He has slapped in another 512M of ram, so that it now has 1G of memory, and installed Windows XP. He showed me Visual Studio 2005 running on it, and it looked really neat.  He reckons that the performance is adequate and so I'm going to make the change I reckon. With 8GB SD cards now coming in at less than 17 pounds, I can get me a really useful device that is like being back home.