Down and Flat in San Francisco

I blame the jetlag. That and an over-confidence in the abilities of lithium ions. Anyhoo, whatever the cause it resulted in me not bothering to charge the camera battery last night, on the eve of our walk around SF, with the opportunity, nay obligation, to take hundreds of pictures. So, of course, ten shots into the trip everything shuts down and the camera becomes a paperweight. Wah.

Fortunately we were on our way to Best Buy, and I had intended to get a new battery at some point anyway, so I would have a spare in case this kind of thing happens. Yes, they do have a battery. It won't be fully charged, but it beats the heck out of nothing. And they also sell travel chargers at a sensible price. And Nigel, once he hears my sorry story, is even willing to plug the charger in for a few minutes to get me back on the road.

Go and buy lots of things from this man.

This was service above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks very much for that. And so it was off for a coffee at the local diner.

They have everlasting coffee cups here

Artistic use of mirror on way to bridge

The money shot

The view from the beach


These folks asked Derek to take a picture with their camera.

Just a few kites