A Mean Knight in Shining Armour

At 6:00 this morning I was sitting in the departure lounge (4:00am start - what joy). The girl sat opposite me was in a bit of a tizzy. Her iPhone had locked up and she asked if she could use my phone to make a local call. Being the kind generous soul that I am I said I'd rather not, because my free minutes don't work that well in the USA, in fact I get seriously gouged whether I make or receive calls (which made those two phone calls on Tuesday at 4:00 am unwelcome for a multitude of reasons).  Fortunately for her an American sat next to me was better placed to help, but I sat there feeling a right heel for not helping.

Anyhoo, it occurred to me that my best course of action was to solve the problem itself so I asked if I could see the defunct device.  It was stuck on an SMS send screen.  She reckoned that she had already tried to reset it but I'm made of sterner stuff. It turns out that if you hold down the menu and power buttons for long enough the device will actually shut down so that you can restart it. I wish I'd thought of doing that before I looked mean.